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Food for Thought: Tips and Tricks

How to market your new beer in sour times

Like a bad beer, craft beer sales are flat at best or, at its worst, declining – depending on which USA Today stats you reference. In Colorado with the passage of …


What’s your addictive story?

My 10-year-old daughter came running into our kitchen the other day, fervently recounting a scary story she heard on YouTube promoting an Addictive Stories app. While I was horrified that …

The science behind viral content: 6 tips to help you create content that gets shared

Warning: The following content was written for purpose-driven businesses. At ROOT we’re committed to helping heartfelt businesses become the next big thing.  If you are committed to providing a product …

Hosting a successful influencer event

Having several Influencers talking up your company on social media would be a fast and hugely impactful, but what’s the best way to set that up and put your best foot forward?

Partner up for success

Simple steps for strategic alliance building: A strategic marketing partnership is a union you and another organization create to further both of your goals, and expand your reach. The development …

Stop acting like you know how to do email marketing

So what are you going to do to make better emails? We have to give enough of a flying zucchini to break the conventions, figure out what works for your business, and be more human.

What’s best for you: in-house or agency marketing?

You know you need marketing help – social media, PR, influencer marketing, email newsletters, and so on – but should you hire someone or a team in-house, or an agency?

Top 6 best practices for working with influencers

A world where “influencers” are, well, influential is still relatively new, so what exactly is a social media influencer? Essentially, it’s someone who has a strong following on their social …

The quick and dirty guide to the 9 best practices in content marketing

Here’s something to boggle the mind: Google processes over 40,000 search queries per second – that’s 3.5 billion searches per day! Why is that? Because it is a fast and …

How to host a successful media event

Do you feel like your business would get some great coverage by the media, if only they could see what you’re doing first hand? We recommend you host a media …


food for thought

2023 Trends include Dates (the old-world fruit kind)

Building Community to Build Your Business

Our step-by-step guide to good old-fashioned networking and community building. 

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Woman looking at laptop with a glass of milk in the foreground

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Sales & Marketing

Build your successful LinkedIn presence for your business and personal profiles using our tips, resources, and strategies.

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A box filled with colorful macaroons.

How to Get Your Products into Holiday Gift Guides

Holiday gift guides can cause sizable and measurable bumps to your sales. Here's how to get your products featured.

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