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Reputation and Community Building: Industry Recognition

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With your 2024 marketing planning and smart budgeting in mind, we’re dishing up a new series of easy PR and marketing tips on our social and our blog, here. We’re sharing some often-overlooked or misunderstood basics on how to build your business with reputation- and community-building tactics, including working with the press, partnerships, events, and awards (this one!)

Today, we’re covering why you should add applying for awards to your 2024 marketing plan – and we’re including a list of important industry awards to consider below. 

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With so many choices on the shelf, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there’s a secret weapon that can give your brand the spotlight it deserves – industry awards! These aren’t just fancy trophies to collect dust on your shelves, they’re powerful tools that can help you:

Establish Your Brand as an Industry Trendsetter

Consumers have many options for CPG products.  Winning an award not only validates your brand’s efforts but also positions you as a leader in your niche. This perception can significantly impact your brand’s reputation and influence consumer trust and loyalty.

Network and Grow Brand Exposure

Awards events or ceremonies provide businesses with opportunities for networking with industry professionals – potentially opening doors to key partnerships, distributors, or investors. 

Attending these events and winning some sort of recognition can offer your brand exposure to media, social media buzz, and consumer interest.

Enhance Employee Morale and Retention

Awards can also have a profound impact on your team. When your employees see their hard work and dedication acknowledged through industry awards, it boosts morale and motivation. Recognizing your employees’ efforts can help retain top talent and foster a positive company culture.


NOSH Annual “Best of” Awards2023Oct 27$149 (non-insider); $99 (insider)
Fast Company – 2024 World Changing Ideas2023Dec 16$395
NEXTY Awards – Expo West2023End of  December$195 (exhibitors); Non-exhibitors: $295
sofi™ Awards2024March 1-March 31$105
International Taste Institute’s Superior Taste Award2024March 8 (drinks); April 14 (food)750-1650 Euro
Delicious Living – Best Bite Awards2024TBA – last year’s deadline was April 3$149 (per product entry)
Good Housekeeping – Coffee + Tea Awards2024TBA – last year’s deadline was April 10$495/product
Taste for Life – Essentials Awards: Back-to-School Essentials2024TBA – last year’s deadline was June 12NO FEE 
Good Housekeeping – Best Snack Awards2024TBA – last year’s deadline was mid-June$495/product
Good Food Awards2024July 5$105
Good Housekeeping – Sustainable Innovation Awards2024TBA – last year’s deadline was July 7$495/product
Newtopia Now – Expo East2024August 6-8FEE TBD (new event*)
Better Homes & Gardens 2024 Modern Pantry Awards2024Aug 25NO FEE
Food Network Supermarket Awards2024TBA – last year’s deadline was summerNO FEE
Taste TV – THE HEALTHY GOURMET SNACK AWARDS2024Sept 15$70/product

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If you still have questions about networking and how building community can build your business, let’s connect! We love helping food and natural products brands grow their reach through reputation and community building. Let’s see what good we can do together. 

food for thought

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