ROOT Marketing & PR is a fountain of good, workable & creative ideas that always hit the right tone. Kuvy is one of those magical people who somehow manages to make hard work look effortless and even joyful. She’s a fountain of good, workable, and creative ideas that always hit the right tone, whether the goal is a memorable launch party or a “simple” press release. Plus she’s simply a delight to work with, both personally and professionally.

Elisa Bosley, Previous Editor in Chief, Delicious Living: Freelance Writer, Sunset Magazine

ROOT Marketing & PR is dedicated, creative, and most of all, connected. Owner Kuvy has spent her career building solid relationships with key media people. If you need to get the word out about your business, ROOT Marketing & PR is the agency you want to use. They’re dedicated, creative, and most of all, connected. Owner Kuvy has spent her career building solid relationships with key media people. When you entrust your public relations to ROOT Marketing & PR, you can be sure she will do everything in her power (and more!) to make sure you get the exposure you need to increase traffic and boost profits.

Jessica Mehring, Owner, Horizon Peak Consulting

We are thankful to ROOT Marketing & PR for all they do to help us shine, we truly appreciate it!

Michelle Boyd, Marketing Director, Cholaca

ROOT Marketing & PR helped us grow and prosper as a nonprofit. As President of the Board of Directors for Pollination Planet, Kuvy has generously donated her time and talents to help create a successful and impactful organization. Her passion for food, along with her outstanding public relations skills, have helped us grow and prosper as a nonprofit.

Gretchen Heine, Executive Director, Pollination Planet

Kuvy and her team are smart and savvy about the world of food and drink. They are passionate about doing good and living well, and their enthusiasm is inspiring.

Liz Moskow, Culinary Director, Sterling Rice Group

When you hire ROOT Marketing & PR, you're getting: CONNECTION, QUALITY, PASSION & THE REAL DEAL! Kuvy and her team have wonderful personal relationships with people across several fields, and are excellent at connecting people with each other and building relationships to everyone’s mutual benefit. They don’t get behind any product or service they can’t get behind 100%. They’re much more than just lip service and PR blasts. They have passion - they're fully invested in each of their clients and their work, they dedicate their time, energy, creativity and ideas wholeheartedly. ROOT Marketing & PR makes genuine connections, and tailors their efforts directly to the person they have a relationship with, making sure that appropriate materials get to the appropriate person. They love what they do and it shows. They’re down to earth, wonderful to work with, and give their all to their clients.

Rebecca Treon, Food Writer, The Denver Post and Freelance Writer for 5280 Magazine

I loved working with Kuvy to promote my book Beyond the Mediterranean Diet. She and the ROOT Marketing & PR team are excellent at what they do and its obvious that their hearts are in the right places.

Layne Lieberman, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist Award-Winning Author

ROOT Marketing & PR is our ideal brand evangelist! Kuvy's personal and professional passions help her forge, grow and maintain amazing relationships in the Colorado food, wine and cheese worlds. These relationships have led to increased exposure and partnerships for Door to Door Organics. She’s a natural networker, adept at introducing her clients to the right people and making connections that count. She has helped us create unique ideas, events and focused pitches that resonate with our target market and the media. She’s smart, driven, organized and someone you look forward to just having on your team.

Cambria Jacobs, VP of Marketing, Door to Door Organics

ROOT Marketing & PR has been instrumental to the success and growth of the Flatirons Food Film Festival for the past 7+ years. We depend on their help in getting bountiful media coverage and she always delivers.

Julia Joun, Director, Flatirons Food Film Festival

ROOT Marketing & PR knows how to connect with the media outlets that make a difference! Kuvy's work with the National Bison Association resulted in 160 column inches of positive coverage in the food section of the Sunday New York Times. Similar stories in other national news outlets were all facilitated by Kuvy, and were very valuable in helping to connect bison producers with the American public.

Dave Carter, Executive Director, National Bison Association

I have deeply appreciated and benefitted from the tenacity, panache & perspective that ROOT Marketing & PR has. Kuvy is relentless in her attention to her clients and a joy to work with.

Tim Brod, Owner, Highland Honey

ROOT Marketing & PR, thank you! You guys knocked it out of the park on getting the word out on our Block Party. We probably had 600 people there. It's the most sales we've ever done in a single day. People literally waited in line for 2 hours to snake down the block and into our courtyard to taste the samples. We were hoping to get about 100. Our vendors were THRILLED. Several people said that they were there because of the article they got us in the Denver Post's "The Know” section. I also heard several people say they saw the TV segment. We look like heroes to the artisans we strive to support. We look like the hottest thing in Denver to all the cheese people in town for the conference. We sold a ton. It was beyond my wildest dreams. At the conference today several people have come up to me to tell me that our Block Party rocked! And even better, I would say 80% of the attendees were from Denver so future potential customers! I seriously can't believe how ROOT Marketing & PR delivered. 600 people at an event in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday!

Kim Duty, Co-Owner, Cheese + Provisions

Kuvy brought a fun and exciting energy to our space. The launch party for our restaurant had a lot of bloggers and connected people and ended up getting us a lot of publicity. We greatly appreciate the services ROOT Marketing & PR provided and recommend them for your opening. When we were expanding from just a chocolate shop to adding a restaurant as well, ROOT Marketing & PR really helped put us on the map. They were fun and easy to work with. We got a ton of media hits in all the right places, and that momentum is still carrying us through today.

Phil Simonson, Chief Mad Scientist, The Chocolate Lab

What can I say about Kuvy that hasn't been said by her multitude of clients? She’s smart, savvy, quick, and efficient. She understands your budget, your priorities, and the deadlines you're up against. She sees them as opportunities - not obstacles. She knows everyone in the biz and is a relentless networker and connector. She's got the chops, the experience, and the wit to get it done. We saw our earned media placements hit almost immediately once we hired Kuvy and ROOT Marketing & PR, and we haven't looked back.

Justin Kutner, Marketing Director, Rye Society

Kuvy and the ROOT Marketing & PR Team took me from a state of floundering, to a place where my company could stand on a solid foundation with a cohesive message, and move forward with my mission.

Amanda Archibald, , The Genomic Kitchen

Kuvy and ROOT Marketing & PR have been an absolute joy to work with over the past few months. With an extremely intuitive, almost preternatural understanding of branding, positioning, and key messaging, they have taken my small company from point A to point B in one quantum leap, all in a matter of months. Kuvy is willing to listen, interpret, and help shape your company vision into a model asset especially tailored to the community, media, and key influencers. She very capably and efficiently managed to turn our brain child into presentable and proud company. Her hands-on approach, dedication, and attention to detail have been invaluable to our success. Do yourself a favor and get on board with them. They will not settle for anything less than total satisfaction from their clients and we are indeed one happy customer.

Parker Rush, Teamaker, 8th Wonder Tea

Hey PR Team! Just want to say you guys are killing it with the exposure we’re getting. Great job!!

Jason Barrett, Chief Executive Officer, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants

Thank you so much for everything. You've done a wonderful job and I've loved partnering with you.

Becky Herman, Marketing Director of the Rio, Owner of Fadduh, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants

ROOT is attentive, hardworking, and honest. They are a great PR company to work with.

Eugenia Bone, Author

We worked closely with ROOT Marketing and PR to create new labels for our cidery, Clear Fork Cider, and to completely overhaul our website. We are just thrilled with the results. The labels are gorgeous and really do a great job or defining and representing our brand. The website is much improved, as well: easier to read and understand; cleaner and more visually appealing; and fantastic at getting our brand message to our customers and the public. We think the time and money invested in the process will more than pay for itself and we found working with ROOT engaging and satisfying.

Jay Kenney, Founder & Head Cidermaker, Clear Fork Cider

Working with Lauren at ROOT was a very comfortable experience. She was very knowledgeable of the restaurant industry, cared about our success, and was fun to work with. Even as a seasoned restaurateur, I learned a lot from her working with my team - I would hire her again 1000 times over.

Justin Brunson, Owner Old Major Restaurant and River Bear Meats

Our experience with ROOT was a game changer for Snarf's. We sought their assistance in developing an updated identity to our brand. Through our work with ROOT our brand was renewed both internally and externally as we moved our brand identity from a lifestyle brand to one of "Love and Premium Quality". Their work has inspired our marketing team to develop campaigns with continuity that inspire our team members and create consumer excitement for our "ridiculously good" sandwiches. The impact on our business from the work performed by Kuvy, Kristine and Sarah will be felt for many years to come. ROOT rocks!

Jimmy Seidel, Founder, Snarf's Sandwiches

This is the first time we’ve received earned media that was truly impactful for us.

Brian Coppom, Executive Director, Boulder County Farmers Markets

For the last two years, we have been working with ROOT Marketing & PR for the public relations for our annual First Bite Restaurant Week. Throughout our first year of re-designing our strategy, and then through a pandemic pivot of publishing a cookbook, the ROOT team was supportive of our ideas, and creative in how they strategically shared our message. Emily does an excellent job at following through with each media contact and managing our deliverables to ensure intimate and quality press. It is a joy to work alongside Emily, Kuvy and the ROOT team!

Jessica Benjamin, Producer, First Bite Boulder

I’m so glad we chose the right agency. You guys totally get us. I was so worried about how we were going to get all of this together, but now I can see how it's all possible and I am so excited.

Patricia Leon Melgar, VP Marketing & Sales, Candela Organic

ROOT Marketing & PR got us tons of media coverage before our business even opened. From print to digital and thought leadership opportunities, they’ve secured us dozens of features that genuinely communicate our story. They also really stay on top of us to make every interview, panel discussion or podcast, then make sure the media represents our brand and business in the most positive light possible. We couldn’t be happier.
Even though they’re a PR marketing firm, ROOT does so much more than that. They address the real concerns and issues that span across our entire business, then step in with guidance and ambition to get the job done. As Fractional Marketing Director of our company, they’ve handled everything from the finer details of marketing to sales and business strategy. Their guidance and expertise has positively impacted our business every step of the way. They’re our biggest advocate.
We don’t have the time or experience to do social media ourselves. Thankfully, the ROOT Marketing & PR team takes care of everything for us. Even though our business is B2B, they’ve been able to leverage our B2C social media platforms to generate sales leads, which is more than we asked for. The content represents us well and they’ve done a great job of communicating who we are and what we do to our target chef audience.
We didn’t hire ROOT Marketing & PR for branding work originally, but they recognized a real opportunity for us to think bigger about who we are and what we do. They were very flexible with our needs and helped create a custom brand package that worked specifically for our business. Without their hard work to develop our brand identity, we wouldn’t be the most innovative virtual kitchen company in Denver today.

Nili Malach Poynter, President, ChefReady

There are many good reasons we chose to work with ROOT Marketing & PR to support our flagship annual event. But those 'many good reasons' boil down to this single truth: ROOT gets us. Yes, ROOT has deep experience in the natural and organic products industry, as well as a talented team and expansive reach. But, ultimately, it is the personalized attention from Kuvy and her team that earned our trust and our business. ROOT knows this industry and its community inside and out, and ROOT's team delivered significantly greater media exposure for our event than in previous years. They skillfully amplified our message and earned our organization impactful media awareness. All because they genuinely took time to understand our motivations and our needs. Simply put, ROOT gets us.

Arron Mansika, Executive Director, Naturally Boulder

The team at Root Marketing & PR has been invaluable in helping me take my influence as a culinary historian to the next level. They are very professional and responsive to my needs as a client. They've helped me sharpen my long term goals, improve my social media game, and develop a compelling voice that makes me stand out in a very noisy world.

Adrian Miller, James Beard Winning Author

A highlight of my week is getting the coverage reports from Kuvy and Emily. As an organization advocating for local food systems, it can be difficult to compete for attention on the basis of “what and where”. Because of ROOT, we’ve been able to get in front of multiple audiences to help them understand the difference our “why” makes. This year alone, we’ve had 93 pieces of coverage and, after 33 years, the impact of our story is growing.

Brian Coppom, Executive Director, Boulder County Farmers Markets

I've had the pleasure of partnering with Kuvy, Emily and the entire ROOT team for the past several years on the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant business. Our time together has been a true joy. They are wonderful PR and marketing partners - always bringing strategic perspective, long-view thinking, and new, creative ideas to the table. They have built an implicit trust with me and my clients, which is invaluable. They are great partners who have also become friends. I highly recommend their team.

Becky Herman, Marketing Director of the Rio, Owner of Fadduh, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

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