Boulder County Farmers Markets – PR

When the pandemic first hit, the future of in-person markets seemed grim for the indefinite future, and Boulder County Farmers Markets wasn’t sure how they were going to survive.


CANDELA is the only ethical and socially responsible natural and organic supplier for personal care brands. They held strong partnerships in European and Asian markets, but CANDELA lacked a presence in the U.S. market.


ChefReady virtual kitchen was entering the Denver market at a time when the public wasn’t educated on what a virtual kitchen was – or worse, had negative connotations of the delivery-only aspects of them.

Chocolate Lab

Chocolate Lab owner Phil Simonson had long dreamed of owning his own restaurant where chocolate was an ingredient in every dish. When the time came to open his own restaurant, Chocolate Lab, he hired ROOT to launch his one-of-a-kind concept.

Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics needed PR and Event Management professionals who could be flexible and grow with them as they grew. They hired ROOT Marketing & PR which resulted in a long-lasting relationship.

Naturally Boulder

For 15 years, Naturally Boulder’s biggest event was held in person. COVID-19 forced the event online for the first time in 2020, and PR was needed to get the word out.

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant – PR

The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants weren’t top of mind with the media, who were busy covering newer, trendier places. The Rio was evolving, but no one seemed to know it.

ChefReady – Social Media

ChefReady Kitchens was one of the first virtual kitchens to enter the Denver market, and therefore needed to educate Denver chefs on virtual kitchens, and position themselves as a champion for local chefs.

River Bear Meats

After crafting quality meat products in-house at his restaurant Old Major, Chef Justin Brunson decided to start a meat company in 2018 and needed a strong sales and marketing strategy for launch.

Clear Fork Cider

Clear Fork Cider makes exceptional small batch craft cider, but you couldn’t tell at a first glance. With a new taproom and a stellar product line to show off, the cider maker needed to revisit positioning and product strategy to support their growth goals.