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Dig Deep: 2024 Food Trends

Happy 2024!  Looks like it’s going to be another tasty – and interesting – year in the world of food. As we do every year, we’ve researched and evaluated the trends the top food authorities like Food & Wine Magazine, Whole Foods and Martha Stewart think will dominate in 2024 – and added a few of our own! – to bring you the Top 5 Trends you absolutely need to know right now.

Photo courtesy of OAK at Fourteenth and Lucy Beaugard

Everyday Treats 

According to both the Food Network and culinary legend Martha Stewart, 2024 is going to be the year of treating yourself through food (wait, that’s new?? We’ve been doing that for years 😁) From TikTok’s “little treat” trend, to the proliferation of French pastries, expect to see more options for single-serve sweet treats on the shelves of your grocery store and markets.

Food & Wine Magazine is predicting that meal delivery and meal kit services will continue their popularity as families choose spending time together over grocery shopping and meal prepping. If you’re in Colorado and looking to take some work off your plate (pun intended), check out the incredible meal kit delivery company Spade & Spoon, who sources most of their produce and products fresh from Colorado farmers and producers, even in the winter.

Photo courtesy of Spade & Spoon

Turn Up the Heat

In 2023, spicy birria was the talk of every town, hot honey earned its spot at pizza parlors, Hot Ones continued to dominate YouTube charts, and it felt like a new chili crisp was introduced every week. With experts stating that Gen-Z is “much more open to spice than previous generations,” we expect to see lesser-known spices appearing in CPG and in restaurant offerings.

Whole Foods’ trends report takes this category one step further, predicting that “complex heat” such as Scorpion Peppers, Guajillo and Hungarian Goathorn Peppers will be used in more sauces, oils, kombuchas, candies and desserts.

Photo courtesy of Farow Restaurant

Fun and Funky Beverages 

Gone are the days of one-note, sugary soft drinks and bottles of flavorless iced tea. 2024 will continue the upward trajectory of unique and functional drinks on the shelves of stores and menus of restaurants. Check out the section on “Beverages Continue to Innovate” in our Trends Report from the most recent Expo West. Martha Stewart is predicting an increase in beneficial additions to coffee and energy drinks like mushrooms, vitamins, and probiotics while Food Network says that sake is going to be the new “it” drink.

Photo courtesy of Jabin

A Far East Reach: Filipino Food

As evidenced by a Filipino restaurant recently gracing the cover of Food & Wine Magazine, Filipino food has been one of the most popular cuisines of the past year. Right here in Denver, Adobo Restaurant and Kokoni opened recently, with Magna Kusina opening in 2024 from James Beard Finalist Carlo Lamagna.

ROOT is predicting Filipino flavors to become more common, like the pleasantly tart calamansi (similar to lime juice), the iconic Filipino vinegar and fish sauce, and the continued rise of everyone’s favorite purple non-eggplant plant: ube. Try an “Ultimate Variety” box by rising star Fila Manila.

Redefined Spirits

We’re far past the days of non-alcoholic beers, or simply when omitting the booze from a cocktail was considered an acceptable non-alcoholic option at a restaurant. These days, you can even find non-alcoholic mezcal, vermouth and campari – as well as the more common vodka, whiskey, and gin. We expect more and more restaurants to begin carrying a wide(r) selection of non-alcoholic brands of spirits. Some of our favorite options on menus right now include:

💜Beet Down Sour: With beet and berry shrub, lemon and nonalcoholic Seedlip citrus spirit (Yampa Valley Kitchen)

🍊Nao de Chai: Cut Above zero-proof mezcal, chai, agave, lime, orange (OAK at Fourteenth)

🍍Pineapple No-Groni: A non-alcoholic spirit dream with Amass Riverine, Giffard Aperitif, Lyre’s Rosso (Lady Jane)

☕️N/aspresso: This non-alcoholic espresso martini includes Three Spirit Social Elixir, espresso, chocolate bitters and agave (OAK at Fourteenth)

Photo courtesy of Yampa Valley Kitchen

Let us support you in the growth of your business using our knowledge of food trends, and decades of experience in marketing and PR. Give us a call to see what good we can do together in 2024.


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