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Instagram accounts we love

…And why we think you’ll love them, too.

A creative ad exec once coined the phrase, “A picture tells a thousand words.” That was in 1921. Flash forward 99 years to Instagram, and its stunning variety of photography and personal stories from every corner of the globe.

For foodies like us, Instagram has no equal. Here we hobnob with the big and small fish of the food world. Here we peer into their worlds, their tastes, and their meals! The visual appeal of Instagram combines with personal story in a way that draws us in and won’t let go.

There are so many accounts we love that we would love to share! However, we at ROOT do have our faves, and shockingly, they aren’t all food related. 

So in no particular order, here’s a peek at some of the Instagram accounts you should follow right now: 

1. @julielikesfood

This Jersey-girl-turned-mountain-lover posts about Denver’s food scene. She also shares stories from her everyday adventures through local clothing boutiques and fitness studios.  @julielikesfood

Our favorite instagram page

2. @blackcatboulder

Do you love farm-to table food? Are you curious about how a farm works? Black Cat Boulder is a local, biodynamic, organic farm and bistro. Don’t miss the photos of cute piggies and lambs. We love following the adventures of “Mabel” the food truck, a door to door veggie delivery vehicle that you can requisition to deliver to your own neighborhood. @blackcatboulder


Zoe’s instagram is fueled by a her cute puppy, love interest, fitness and food. Whether it’s a Zoga Sculpt routine or date night, she’ll lift your spirits. You can’t look at her page without smiling. @IMZOHUNGRY

4. @fetchmarkets

Formerly known as Denver Flea, Fetch Markets are passionate about small business, local culture and community. Join in their “Community Happy Hour” on Instagram Live every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm MDT. @fetchmarkets

5. @modhippiehabits

Fascinated by urban homesteading? Kait‘s page is a peek into the mind of this domestic goddess/ yoga instructor/ sustainability advocate. She’s also proud dog-mom of the fuzzy and beautiful Tink and Meek. (We love dogs – can you tell yet?) @modhippiehabits


Blair Horton is a nutritionist and lifestyle blogger in Denver. We love this account for it’s healthy, scrumptious recipes, and personal, heartwarming posts about life with her two loves; man and dog. @HOLISTICRENDEZVOUS


Who doesn’t get a smile from seeing cute dogs?? We love putting a name and face to all the Colorado pups. If you’re a dog lover, then this account will also clue you in on dog-friendly businesses and events in the Denver area. @MILE_HIGH_POOCHES


If you love to explore the beautiful Colorado outdoors, then you will have serious wanderlust from this instagram account. Local professional photographer David Iwane gives us a feast for the eyes every time we click on his account. @DAVIE8THEBABY

Of course we also think you should follow US @rootmktgpr (we love our account but we won’t toot our own horn) for the latest news on our local foodie scene, female entrepreneurs, and the occasional cute dog 🙂


So now you know some of our favorites, which accounts are at the top of your list? Leave a comment and let us know so we can check them out too.


food for thought

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