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10 Hot Social Media Tips To Keep Your Page Trending

Social media trends, algorithms and workflow can be hard to keep up with and, at times, be anything but consistent. That’s why it’s important to check in regularly on resources like these to keep you informed on the ways to utilize your time and be as efficient as possible in this ever-changing industry. Here are 10 hot tips to help keep your page trending, organized, and current.

1. Content calendars make for smart planning

This strategy is a clear way to map out your images, hashtags, handles, and copy all in one place. This also gives you a chance to explore brand themes and categorize your posts into alignment with those themes. Loomly is one of the best platforms for this. You have a chance to see how you content can look on all your social media channels, and view trending hashtags based on your specific copy, view how your post will lineup on your IG grid, schedule your posts, learn about the best times for you to post your content, and more.

2. Tagging handles, photographers, and geotags

Tagging someone else’s page on your post increases the chance that your post will be seen. Social media algorithms change frequently, so it’s important to give your post a chance to reach every avenue possible. Tagging the photographer, and page handles in general, means your post will show up on their tagged photos, so anyone searching that page will be able to see it. Adding a geotag will give anyone searching that location a chance to view your post as well.

3. Using hashtags to your benefit

  • IG is making a huge pivot with their hashtag algorithm, and are recommending you use only 3-5 hashtags per post. Try out different niche hashtags in each of your posts to see what causes a spike in the needle.
  • Using an app or program like Hashtag Expert, Hashme or IQ Hashtags (the most popular one) lets you know tags that are trending in your niche, and what kind of average likes, comments, or half-life to expect from each one individually.
  • Find out what hashtags are currently banned with a program like IQ Hashtags. Inadvertently using a banned hashtag will cause your posts to not show up in feeds (and you won’t even know!)
  • Did you know that hashtags can now be followed, just like a page? IG is changing their algorithms to favor pages that are using followed hashtags in their copy, so adding in niche hashtags to follow will only help you grow more.
  • Following tags is a smart choice. This will give you a better understanding of what is currently trending, types of images that people are responding to, and ways to try out some of these ideas.

4. The continuing rise of video

Social media platforms like Instagram continue to prioritize video and live video. Learning to make even a short compelling video gives you the chance to be favored by an algorithm.

5. Keeping things human

People who choose to follow your page really want to get to know the personal side of your company. Introducing a “Meet the Team“ series shows your appreciation for your staff and gives followers the feeling of a more direct connection with your brand.

6. Social communities love community

Giving back, working with nonprofits and charitable events have never been more important or more supported. Search for and use trending tags such as “#GivingTuesday” to show that you stand behind causes your community and followers support.

7. Use a scheduling tool to make more time for the important things

Scheduling your posts in advance frees you up to use social media in its most powerful way: to actually be a part of the conversation while it’s happening – liking, commenting and interacting with others.

 8. Creating ads and boosting posts will only make your brand stronger 

Allocating a budget for this will allow you to find your target demographic and create drool-worthy content with specific goals in mind for more engagement, more website clicks, more messages, etc.  

9. Keeping an eye on the competition 

Make it a point to check your competitors’ feeds at least once a month. Take a look at what continent is getting the most engagement, who they are following and who is following them, etc. Research, implement, assess, repeat.

10. Jump on the bandwagon

Connecting with visitor centers and chamber of commerce pages can only bring in more support for your brand. Comment on their pages, post events that are happening, engage with like-minded topics. People want to feel connected to the businesses they support, so the more you can create a presence on their page the more likely they are to want to know more about what your brand is up to as well.

Bonus Tip: add a place to go for more info

Check out Linktree or Campsite as a way to add a page to your Instagram where you can send people to get more information on whatever you’re posting. Since Instagram in particular doesn’t allow hyperlinks to be clickable in your copy, this is a must for any growing brand.

Not a fan of having to jump through the hoops to accommodate all these algorithm changes and shifts? It might be time to hire an agency like ROOT to bring the social media expertise needed to take your content to the next level. Give us a call or send us a message to chat about how we can help you achieve success!


food for thought

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