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Rooted Women: We’re Mind Blown by Monica

This month is National Ocean Month and we’re featuring Monica Talbert of The Plant Based Seafood Co. in our Rooted Woman series. The goal of Rooted Women is to inspire you, not just by how impressive these women are, but by how human they are, and what they do to achieve extraordinary things. With that, we’re proud to introduce Monica! 

Q: It’s National Ocean Month (June). What should people know that maybe they weren’t aware of, and what are one or two changes you’d like to see people make to make a difference?

Monica and a man dressed as a lobster holding a picket sign.

A: There is so much I wish consumers knew about the seafood they eat and how it impacts the state of the ocean that we are leaving to our children!  90% of the seafood we consume in the US is imported, which leaves much room for nefarious behaviors from a health and also human rights standpoint. IUU fishing (“illegal, underreported and unregulated”) is the biggest generational threat to our ocean, and if we don’t get it under control we will lose so much biodiversity. And the US just so happens to be IUU’s biggest supporter! Consumers that care about the ocean really need to know where their seafood comes from, and when in doubt, opt for a plant based alternative!

It’s not a sexy, easy solution, but I know that curbing the demand for IUU fishing is the single most important thing we can do for our ocean today!

Q: Promoting health (healthy people, healthy planet) is one of your passions. What is your favorite healthy go-to meal (or meals) during a busy day?

A: Tacos! They are so quick and easy to make healthy. And with so many different topping options, leftovers can be just as good as the second time around! Once I get some more time on my hands I want to start pickling my own toppings, like red onions!

Q: And what’s one of your favorite splurges/guilty pleasures?

A: Definitely pizza night with the family at our neighborhood pizzeria!

Monica and her kids.

Q: We know all too well that women are still trying to do it all – succeed at work, look after their families, run a household, be a good friend and member of the community. What do you like to do to unwind after a hectic day/week?

A: I have two small (and energetic!) children so winding down at night takes a while. I find the best way to truly “take a load off” is to either dive into a good book, or turn on “Workin’ Moms” and laugh with my husband and a glass of wine!

Q:  How do you get motivated to go out there and kick ass every day, even when things feel overwhelming? 

A: I think it’s really important to have a reset button every night. You’ve got to let go of the day’s struggles and tackle the next day with a new intention. Running a startup can bring unimaginable pressure and daily obstacles, but staying level-headed, always trying to keep things in perspective and tapping into your support system regularly is key – you’ve got to have the “ride or dies” on speed dial. 

Also – cut out the noise. It has a tendency to drown out your own intuition. 

Q:  Your mom has been a huge part of your life, and Plant Based Seafood Co. What are the values or habits she’s taught you that inspired you over the years?

A: This whole blog could be dedicated to the mountain of inspiration that woman has bestowed upon me in my 36 years on this Earth! I am so fortunate to have grown up with such a “can do, will do” attitude to emulate. I got to see firsthand how her relentless positive attitude and commitment to excellence was the secret to success. Oh, and not to care what people think – this, my friends, is a superpower that so many people underestimate! My mom is pure magic, and I can only hope to pass on half as much of that to my children! 

Q: What are your plans for Plant Based Seafood Co. this year?

A:  This is the year of growth for Mind Blown. We have set the foundation, have killer products, and now it’s time to have fun! We’re launching new products, new partnerships, new retailers and new markets – it’s going to be an epic year! We’re leading the plant based seafood revolution and now it’s time to take it mainstream! 

Q: What are a couple of organizations or companies you’d like others to know about and why?

Briana Warner, President and CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms.; Photo credit: Daniel Orr

1. Atlantic Sea Farms led by Brianna Warner is an incredible organization with a big heart! Their team is not only pioneering the US kelp industry, resulting in huge positive impacts on the environment, but she does it by empowering the local community and seafood industry to get involved! It’s a beautiful thing!

Alexandra Cousteau, co-founder of Oceans2050; Photo credit: Oceans2050

2. Oceans2050 led by Jacques Cousteau’s granddaughter, Alexandra Cousteau. Alexandra is working on amazing technology that will change the impact and philanthropic world forever by bringing it into the modern age! She is on a mission to see our oceans back to abundance by 2050 – keep your eye on this organization. They will change the fate of our ocean!

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food for thought


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