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Rooted Women: Joy Rubey of Spade & Spoon

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This month’s Rooted Woman is Joy Rubey, Founder/CEO of Spade & Spoon. Spade & Spoon is the Front Range’s local-first meal kit. They work with local farmers, ranchers, bakers, and makers to craft chef-designed, seasonally-inspired meal kits delivered to your doorstep in minimal and returnable packaging. No subscription required. Spade & Spoon launches on Nov 26, Small Business Saturday.

Joy sampling some jams and jellies.

Q: It’s the holiday season, and what with present buying, tree and house decorating, and spending time with friends and family, menu planning and grocery shopping can be the last thing you want to be doing. How does Spade & Spoon help people continue to support (and eat!) local during this crazy time?

A:  When we help you answer the nagging question of “What’s for dinner?”, plus we shop the best local producers and deliver all this goodness to your doorstep, minimize food waste, and support dozens of local producers, it feels like everyone wins. From ordering a few local meal kits to enjoy on busy nights, sending a friend a local meal, or cooking up a couple meals to share with friends, we have you covered.

Q: Promoting health (healthy people, healthy planet) is one of your passions. What is your favorite healthy go-to meal (or meals) during a busy day?

A: I love harvest bowls this time of year! I always cook up farro or quinoa and roast veggies on Sunday, then I layer in fresh hearty greens, maybe chicken, sometimes beans, and ALWAYS a ridiculously good sauce. My go-to sauces right now are Sfoglina’s Romesco, Yummy Yummy Products’ Hummus, or Not Bad Cooks’ Pesto or Jimichurri.

Q: And what’s one of your favorite splurges/guilty pleasures?

A:  No question, I love cocktails and cheese boards. This time of year I love using Urban Farmhouse Shrubs like their Peach Cinnamon or Cranberry Rosemary, paired with ORIGIN Camembert with Chef Sherri’s Sauces’ Herbed Cranberry Fig.

Q: We know all too well that women are still trying to do it all – succeed at work, look after their families, run a household, be a good friend and member of the community. What do you like to do to unwind after a hectic day/week?

A: Same answer as above, seasonal cocktails and cheese 🙂 OR I’m in my sauna or a hot Epsom salt bath. Heat relaxes me!

Joy and a friend standing side-by-side outside.

Q:  How do you get motivated to go out there and kick butt every day, even when things feel overwhelming?

A:  I try to set myself up for success every morning by doing these three things: ride my Peloton (even if it’s only for 15 minutes); make myself a hot tea with cream and Bjorn’s Lavender honey; and sit in silence for 15-30 minutes. Even on the craziest days, I always find 15 min in the morning to drink tea and sit quietly.

Q: What are your plans for Spade & Spoon in 2023?

A:  To sell a lot of local food! I’m especially passionate about helping women, and Spade & Spoon does so in so many ways: our meal kits cut down on time and energy spent on menu planning and grocery shopping, and we help our producers (approximately 85% of which are women) grow sustainable businesses.

Q: What are a couple of organizations or companies you’d like others to know about, and why?

A:  I love Slow Food Denver’s Lil’ Sprouts program! They are going inside classrooms to teach SO many kids about food, farming, and cooking.

I also love the work Denver Food Rescue is doing on so many levels. No one should go without food, especially while food waste is such a problem – let’s support connecting those dots.

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