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Services spotlight: a recipe for success with 8th Wonder Tea

Recipe For Success 8th Wonder Tea 2
The Ornithologist cocktail, prepared by Jack Bethel of Infinium Spirits.

The ROOT Marketing & PR team is growing, and our skills are growing, too. We now offer more services than ever before.

Most business owners specialize in commerce, operations, or product development, not devising marketing tactics or promoting their product or service. They often don’t have an in-house marketing and communications department to do this, and they don’t want the hassle of working with multiple agencies, either.

We aim to solve this problem head-on by offering a breadth of services that meet all our clients’ PR and marketing needs. But we don’t just service their needs; we leverage their needs to service their customers.

Our integrated approach helps businesses create meaningful experiences and content that meet or exceed their target audience’s expectations, whether B2B or B2C. This begins with an impactful marketing strategy and thoughtful tactics.

Here’s the story of how we thought outside the “bottle” for 8th Wonder Tea to help them create new, quality content that satisfies their customer’s needs… and thirst.

Setting the Stage with Strategy

When we form a partnership with a client, we ask ourselves, “How can we add value to their business?” One of the ways to add value is by devising tactics that increase visibility. It’s important to make sure these tactics are relevant to and consistent with the brand.

8th Wonder Tea, for example, was preparing to launch two new tea flavors while simultaneously entering new markets with all four flavors in the Southwest. When brainstorming ways to assist with the launch, we asked ourselves the following questions:

  1. What motivates their target audience?
  2. What content or marketing assets can we create to entice them to purchase 8th Wonder Tea products?
  3. How do we make the brand more than just a product, but also a resource?
  4. Do potential partnerships exist that could make these efforts more effective?

In answering these questions, we came up with tactics that effectively add value to the 8th Wonder Tea brand. One, in particular, is more than just effective – it’s also quite delicious.

A Recipe for Success with 8th Wonder Tea

8th Wonder Tea’s ready-to-drink teas are organic, earth-conscious, and deliver the benefits of various superfoods. Their target consumer values these attributes. Since tea is meant to be imbibed, why not create innovative, fun, and appealing ways for them to imbibe it? With the mixology renaissance growing in popularity over the last decade, we decided that 8th Wonder Tea should feature each tea as a main ingredient in their own specialty cocktails.

We looked to friend and award-winning mixologist Jack Bethel of Infinium Spirits to create recipes that appeal to both the at-home bar enthusiast and serious bar professional. He worked over the course of a few weeks to formulate unique, flavorful cocktails that highlight the ingredients chosen in each tea.

“The process has been both educational and fun,” says Jack. “It’s an interesting challenge to evaluate the personalities of each tea flavor and of the 8th Wonder company, then match those with the character of the Infinium Spirits brands.”

Jack accomplished this with six recipes, all of which can be found on 8th Wonder Tea’s Recipes page:

  • Midas Touch and Lychee Spritz, made with Ginseng Passion Green Tea
  • Kudu Cooler, made with Rooibos Red Tea
  • The Ornithologist and Mate Collins, made with Yerba Mate Cayenne
  • Indian Sunrise, made with Ashwagandha Apple Chai

“Cocktails present a unique opportunity to build a dynamic individual and speak directly to an audience,” Jack continues. “What we choose to say in ingredients, preparation, and flavor can affect how a consumer evaluates a brand. Each drink needs to have a message as its goal, and to be clear in its execution.”

We hired professional photographer, Tyra Sutak, to host a photoshoot at Denver’s beloved Hudson Hill for the final photo shoot. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

One Activity, Many Benefits

In facilitating the creation of these cocktails for 8th Wonder Tea, they didn’t just gain recipes to use as they please. We used our expertise to deliver this new brand asset, which is defined as distinct brand information, collateral, or accessible documents, in impactful ways:

  • We developed a unique Recipes page for 8th Wonder Tea’s website
  • This desirable content was posted to their social media channels
  • These posts, in turn, drive further traffic to the website
  • Each recipe and its corresponding image is available on their Media Info page, contributing additional content for the media to highlight in a blog, article, or news feature
  • We will host their Media & VIP Launch Party in partnership with Jack and Infinium Spirits, with three select cocktails served throughout the evening!
  • Each guest will go home with a special gift, including a copy of the cocktail recipes

The result? 8th Wonder Tea now has additional touchpoints with their consumer, interesting content to share, and, overall, an effective tool in their brand’s media kit to help grow their business across various channels.

Want to discover what opportunities ROOT Marketing & PR can create for your business? Reach out to our team of experts today.


food for thought


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